The Rough EP

by The Rough

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Debut EP


released May 29, 2017



all rights reserved


The Rough San Diego, California

From the artists that brought you Bankers Hill, Motionless, Skipjack, The Binge, and Save Amos comes a brand new project by Drew Smith, Mike Smith and Darren Sader. This new undertaking, an eclectic mixture of speed, depth, finesse, power and love will be sure to strike a chord in the heart of every listener.

The Rough's debut EP is now available.
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Track Name: Not You (Resolve)
You pulled the car before me, a sharp glance comes straight from the mirror
Heat packed, you never called yourself a killing man
Try to keep the plan and hide it with your other hand
"One day, they'll all adore me - you'll bluff, I'll stand and deliver
I can't keep going with this little game, my reply, it stays the same"

And I've said it before, that I won't take any more than I want to
No, not from you
So let's settle the score 'cause I won't do this anymore than I want to
No, not with you

Verse 2
What did you say the day when you first saw me, eyes all on me?
"Sounds good, but I could've done it better man"
Well I'm the one that made a feast of my feeder's hand
You want to say I'm ornery, getting sloppy, lies all on me
but you stand up short when your order's tall, and this is my resolve


Chorus (x2)
Track Name: One More Time
There was a time when I thought I knew about you,
but I was wrong
It's been so long since I've been convinced of the truth
Forget it, my mind's been made
The debts are paid
Mistakes we've made have been erased

Depend on things you never really knew
That goose chase never really looked so good on you
You're always wasting time
when everything's said and done

Just relax
Pain won't last as long as bliss past due
I thought you knew

Walk with me
Let's try just one more time
I can see the line, don't back out now
Run with me
Destination: promised land
So just take my hand and this vow
Track Name: Satin Gloves
You're hanging by a thread
Your heart pounds in your head
At least you're keeping your hands warm,
weathering this summer storm
Do you still feel sane?
What's going on inside your brain?
With so much work, and naught to show
What happens next, we'll never know

But I'll stay and listen to you say
that it's all you care about
We all take on pain when we find love
So I'll sit and watch you go through this
'Cause you're all I care about
Touching everything with satin gloves
And therein lies the rub

Feeling empty now?
A weight lies heavy on your brow
And though you fight it day and night,
a bit of change could make it right
Is it impossible?
I'd love to tell you no (no, no)
These idle hands, the swings and slides
A hungry look, the devil's eyes


Bridge (inst.)

I can't feel a thing
I don't feel anything

Stay and listen to me say that it's all I care about
We all take on pain when we find love
Please just sit and watch me go through this
If I'm all you care about
Touching everything with satin gloves
And therein lies the rub

I don't feel anything
Track Name: Time Is...
They say that we've got just one life to live
And if it's true, then you be careful what you give
A greedy hand will make for a big demand
Composure balances the ground on which you stand

Is it our place to just save face?
Don't ever be the one so easy to debase
You can't just throw your hands in woe
You've got the strength and much more than you'll ever know

It strikes the chord in all our hearts and what we say
It stripes the love and leaves us bleeding honestly
It starts the wars and heals the pain in every way
It drives the force behind all that we want to be

Never accept only what's given to me
If there's much more to this, I'll be the one to see
Be who you are, do what you want to do
No one on this earth will be better than you

It's not our place to just save face
No need to be the one so easy to erase
Don't ever throw your hands in woe
You've got the strength, and much more than you need to show




[Lose yourself, no - loss is sorrow]
[No tomorrow, time is borrowed]
Track Name: Animals (acoustic)
Are we not smarter than animals?
Our adults still need a hand to hold
The panic room is broken on all sides
When our tech makes us industrial,
but our pets, the ones with hearts of gold,
it begs the question: how much of wrong is right?

Here's to you, you simple-minded fool
Give us one chance just to use you up and
hang you like the tool (that you are)

On and on, we sing the same song
We're not as strong, we'll last, but how long?
We just need something to help soften the blow
The past is gone, tomorrow's not promised
Today's a gift, but you tried to returned it
All we want is to stop feeling alone

You're a rat, a fink, you sold me out
You live in the dark shadow of doubt
Anything you say is void and null
You gave me up just like Iscariot
You are vile, depraved, nefarious
Remorseless in the windows in your skull



When we run into the wall again,
(that we built)
will I be able to find my friends?
(I need help)
I'll still be here to the bitter end
How is that for compromise?
I'll be clawing out my eyes

Are we not as smart as animals?
Their adults don't need a hand to hold
The panic room came down, we're stuck inside